Special Exhibition


‘Aspects of Dorset

We will be retiring as The Gallery at 41 at the end of July but we will be having a special exhibition for PURBECK ART WEEKS this year. PAW has always been close to our heart and has done so much to promote the talents of local artists.

Our special exhibition will feature Dorset painters David Atkins, Judy Tate, Vicky Finding and Edward Vine, sculptor Laura Pentreath and ceramicist Janet Parker-Laird. It will celebrate the colour, light and movement in the landscape of Purbeck and wider Dorset, whether it be on the coast, countryside, villages, or in our wonderful flora and fauna.

Thank you.

The future

We started the gallery 11 years ago after long careers in education. Our love of art and of Dorset led us to create a gallery dedicated to promoting the work of Dorset based artists. Many artists paint Dorset but they do not all live in the county. Over the years we hope we have helped to raise the profile of our gallery artists and of Dorset as a place to find wonderful art by local artists. We feel privileged to have represented such talented and varied artists, many of whom are known and collected nationally and internationally.

We have made so many wonderful friends amongst our artists and customers and that has been a large part of the pleasure of running the gallery. Thank you for all your support during the past 11 years. If you would like to continue to hear from us about our future plans or contact any of our former artists please let us know on our contacts page or It would be great to keep in touch.

Painters:  David Atkins, Edward Vine, Judy Tate, Rob Adams, Vicky Finding, Sue Fawthrop, Roger Dell Seddon, Mike Jeffries, 

Sculptors:   Laura Pentreath and Brendon Murless

Ceramicist: Janet Parker-Laird.

Steve and Chris.