Teresa Lawton, Judy Tate and Brendon Murless


26th September to 24th October

Teresa Lawton. 

Teresa Lawton. 

 Born in Dorset, Teresa spent most of the 70’s in London before living in Greece for a time. She also travelled around Argentina in the 90’s. Teresa spent much time in Cornwall through her developing years as a painter. The mid 20th century St Ives artists have always been a great inspiration in her work and have influenced her throughout her career.  She remains true to that form of abstraction and hopes her paintings can reflect a sense of solitude and peace to others. She now lives and works in Dorset and her paintings are imagined versions of the Dorset coast she knows so well. 

Judy Tate 

Underlying all Judy’s work is a love of colour.  Her sketchbooks and travelogues are an ongoing source of inspiration as is her beautiful garden at her Poundbury studio. Studio based work is often of a more abstract nature (usually inspired by some organic form).  

She explains ‘I do love seeing how far I can take the use of colour in my work. Soft pastels are the idea medium for my style – they are vibrant and immediate and suit me well. At the moment gardenscapes are ever present in my work which seems to be a natural progression of where I have been going creatively in the last few years’. 

Brendon Murless

Brendon takes inspiration from the human form, looking at the complexities of what makes us human, physically and emotionally.  He portrays this by exploring the body in different forms, poses and materials.  His sculptures combine the understanding, knowledge and love of a vast range of materials and techniques in bronze, copper, wood, stone and resins. From his original idea for a piece, he is open to continual exploration of the materials to marry them with the desired form. The material informs the shape and finish of the final work.

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