Sue Fawthrop

Sue Fawthrop moved to Dorset in 2010 and is essentially a plein air painter. She enjoys the experience of working directly from the scene and the challenge of a small surface. 

 Sue says ‘Plein air painting is such a delicious thing to do.  Trying to capture one elusive ray of light as it hits a particularly bright field in the distance, whilst hanging on to your hat and easel in a high wind is exciting.You can’t work carefully and I’m sure that comes through in the energy of the work. I love the smell of the paint, the light, the weather, the fact that everything is in costant flux. My aim is to create as much space and distance as possible on my little boards, working quickly using big brushes and broad strokes to distill the scene’.

Please note that the sizes given are the image size without the frame.

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Evening at South Beach

Evening at South Beach SOLD

Studland Beach

Studland Beach SOLD

September Kimmeridge

September Kimmeridge

Kimmeridge Reflection

Kimmeridge Reflection

Hartland Moor

Hartland Moor

Before the Storm Kimmeridge

Before the Storm Kimmeridge SOLD

Old Harry

Old Harry SOLD

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